Go­­—Logic helps landlords

If you own one or more spaces or work within the real estate sector, then you are in luck! Go—Logic helps landlords and is born to adapt to their needs.

Thanks to Go—PopUp experience, we have acquired a great deal of know-how about the real estate sector, especially in the field of short-term rentals. We have also gained excellent knowledge about landlords’ needs, and we have carried out solutions to make their properties more profitable and productive.

Go—Logic has been developing for some time. It is the ideal time to launch it because the real estate sector is changing rapidly: the market is flexible, and demand no longer focuses on long-term rentals, but the medium and short term ones. That is why Go—Logic can satisfy the needs landlords have while managing their properties.

Go—Logic adapts to landlords’ needs to centrally manage their spaces through its Space Manager Software. This solution allows managing end-to-end the booking process, boosting the visibility of the properties, creating proposals and budgets automatically, analysing the business performance through reports and graphics and much more!

Go—Logic helps landlords raise the attractiveness and visibility of their spaces with the personalised tools of the line Space Renovation. We can offer, for instance, professional pictures, tours 360 or virtual reality solutions. Besides, it allows changing the image of spaces to adapt them to the specific needs of each pop-up action. We help landlords change the lettering, furniture or architecture. Also, we can offer design lighting and window dressing solutions for any space.

For more information, contact our commercial team at request@gologic.pro or Susana Almonacid, our General Manager, at susana.almonacid@gologic.pro

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