Go—Logic launches Space Manager

Our Software helps landlords to manage reservation processes to automatise communication and payment processes. Moreover, the manager can request reports of the business progress. Go—Logic launches Space Manager: the objective is to simplify and monetise the opportunities of landlords’ properties.

//The benefits of Space Manager 


Space Manager is a tool that helps landlords to manage, commercialise and monetise their properties and venues. Our Software allows you to increase visibility to any property and increase the number of reservations. Moreover, it offers four levels, each one with unique characteristics and functionalities. The Software can adapt to the individual needs of each landlord.

//These are the four levels of the Space Manager


The first level is Go—PopUp. It offers an intuitive interface to publish your venues and manage the bookings directly from Go—PopUp, which has extensive experience in ephemeral rental. 


Basic is the second level of the Space Manager. It counts on a publishing and booking systems, and also:


  • It allows owners to publish the catalogue on their web page,
  • It includes a chat to chat with the tenants,
  • It automatically generates proposals to the requests received.

While the Advance level of the Space Manager offers an integrated reservation system:

  • It includes a back office,

  • It allows to manage every contact, invoicing process and set prices automatically,
  • It generates data and statistics that enable owners to visualise and assess the progress of their business.

The Custom level of the Space Manager is the most complete and adds new functionalities to the previous version:

  • It allows to customise processes to the needs of each landlord;
  • It includes personalised payment systems, digital contracts, creation of content and landing pages in several languages.

  • It offers integration to the legal systems business area under the same tool.

Go—Logic launches Space Manager to facilitate and monetise venues in an efficient way. Moreover, it is based on the international experience of Go—PopUp and can be implemented in four languages: Spanish, English, German and Dutch.

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