Commercialise your properties efficiently

¿Do you want to increase the profitability of your spaces? Then, commercialise your properties efficiently by using our Space Manager Basic Software. This intuitive solution allows you to make the most of your venue while centralising all the information in a single platform.


//Space Manager Basic Features  

Publish your spaces on your website: create your portfolio of spaces easily. Our team will integrate it into your website and, upon request, in Go—PopUp.

Manage your requests through a single tool: Receive automatic notifications of rental requests and answer automatically by message or mail. Moreover, you’ll be able to synchronise all your devices.

Use the calendar and manage visits: indicate the availability and price of your venues and modify this information whenever you want.

Locate your spaces on the customisable map: once published, your venues will be visible on the map. Tenants will easily find all your properties searching by location or using filters such as size or availability. In addition, it will increase the conversion of your requests.

Generate proposals automatically: select a space from your portfolio and create proposals for future tenants. A visual PDF document will be automatically generated, including pictures, layout plans, reservation conditions, or the price of the selected spaces. Then, with one click, you can send the document by email!  Easy, isn’t it?


Take a look at the reporting tool:  get insights about the requests and bookings of your spaces. Then, visualise the data overview in a timeline, including Go-PopUp’s reservations reporting tool.

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