Attract brands to your space

It happened: you own a location and you just decided to rent it. Of course, you need now to attract brands to your space. And if you’re reading this, you’ve already heard about pop-up experiences too, and you’re ready to embrace it. 

The good thing about “pop-up renting” is that the whole process becomes the backstage of a win-win situation. Which means, all parties involved are happy. And the negotiation brings added value also to all those (such as customers, or people in general) who enjoy the results of the agreement by having a new shopping experience. 

The Cube, small yet attractive

This is what happened recently at Diagonal Mar, one of the most visited shopping centers in Barcelona. While walking through the high floor, you can encounter The Cube, a little squared space with a completely glazed avant-garde design. The spot can be defined as perfectly strategic. The owner well embraced the pop-up potential of the location: with its 16m2, its sliding doors and white customised glasses, it looks attractive for brands and entrepreneurs since it provides:

– Great exposure;

– A differential image;

Minimal investment.


Incapto Coffee x The Cube

The perfect brand for a short-lasting pop-up experience at The Cube happened to be Incapto. A Spanish local brand investing in sustainable coffee, whose mission is to produce capsule-free organic coffee. “Goodbye capsules, hello real coffee”, they say, while inviting customers to join the fair trade. “Save the world with a cup of coffee”, easy, right?

The space was alluring also because of the above-average reviews of previous pop-up experiences. Also, the “within 24h answer time” ensured by the landlord helped a lot. Good tips to be kept in mind when trying to find the best partner for your renting experiences. 

Are you up to it too?

Incapto has seen the potential advantages of The Cube, and will be renting it until September 29, 2021. Should you be interested in learning more about how to rent your space, manage your reservations or find attractive brands,  Go—Logic has launched Space Manager: a tool conceived for landlords to manage their spaces during the whole process, based on the international experience of Go—PopUp

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