Space Renovation

Are you a Landlord? 

Space Renovation is designed for you!

This tool offers technology solutions and retail transformation for your properties.

Our mission is to help owners and managers of commercial spaces to improve their stores and spaces while making them more attractive, profitable and sustainable.


 With the renovation of your space we can turn your property into an attractive location for any type of event. We will help you with everything!

From concept and design to final construction.


By Changing the image of your space you will develop a new business concept: Business Plan, Design, Construction, Marketing and Operations.

Go––Logic has developed an end-to-end method, based on years of experience with so many clients, to analyze and develop retail businesses.


There are spaces that have had a better life… Renewing your space can attract new customers, provide better services and discover new uses.





  • Show your space with our professional photos.

  • Get your space to be remembered with our virtual reality marketing campaigns.



  • We help you to change the image of your space with the advice of interior designers and architects.

  • We offer containers and other alternative structures for outdoor spaces.

  • Get the best aesthetics for your space with our window dressing solutions.

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